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    The attorneys at Durham Law Firm, P.C. can represent you on any matters involving Personal Injury, Family Law or Criminal Matters. Insurance Companies can be difficult to deal with after being involved in any Auto Accident, especially if involved with a Tractor-Trailer.  We can help ease your mind and relieve the stress of dealing with these corporations and insurance companies.  We are experts in finding additional insurance coverage from places the average person would not know about. We take necessary time with our Clients to answer all questions throughout representation of them and all of our attorneys provide their personal cell numbers to their clients in case of any emergency.  Our aim is to get our clients the most money possible under the Civil Justice System to adequately compensate them for all damages incurred as a result from another's negligence.  We have recovered millions for our clients.  

    Together our Attorneys have over 50 years of combined trial experience.  Each attorney in this office began their legal career as a prosecutor.  We believe this provides our clients a great benefit.  As prosecutors our job was to prove cases beyond a reasonable doubt.  Now as Defense Lawyers we focus on the areas where the State is lacking evidence.   Knowing how the State puts a case together from prosecutors prospective we are able to see the gaping holes and conflicts in evidence that less experienced attorneys would overlook.  We defend criminal cases in all courts of Georgia, including Federal Courts. 


     Finally, Durham Law Firm also has an experienced family law attorney that represents clients in matters concerning divorce, child support, child custody, alimony, and separation agreements.

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