Tractor-Trailer Crashes 


Often referred to as motor carrier claims, our firm specializes in civil prosecution of these claims.  For almost 30 years, we have settled and litigated hundreds of these crashes in many State and Federal Courts.  We stay on top of recent developments, as well as legal and factual strategies to help our clients.  We are constantly in touch with other top attorneys in Georgia and throughout the United States and regularly attend study groups and seminars concentrating on Trucking Litigation.  Call us for prompt, courteous service.  Don't delay after the crash because we have ways of gathering critical evidence early on that might evaporate by delay.



   Cases against large trucking companies require a level of commitment and expertise unlike ordinary negligence cases.  We at Durham Law Firm stay abreast of Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) rules and regulations, the Federal Motor Carriers Act (FMCA), as well as many other State and Federal laws, by attending seminars and constantly researching carrier claims.  We strive to get our clients the best settlements or awards possible.         We do not treat these cases as if they were just "big wreck cases", but approach them with a level of expertise through our experience, which only comes about by "having been there and done that".

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